KB ID : 115096
Published : Dec. 13, 2018
Created : Dec. 13, 2018
Last Modified : Dec. 13, 2018


The reported error occurs during backup configuration when there is a network drop / improper network connectivity / Network Timeout / if the agent doesn't receive the initial handshake acknowledgment from the backup server within the stipulated time. By default, it will wait for 1800 secs [30 mins]

There might be other possible reasons for this issue as mentioned below:

1) Failed to access the storage repository location in the backup server.

2) Failed to access the backend database.

3) The return acknowledgment might be dropped due to a transient network problem.


Make sure the storage repository location of the backup server is accessible by the agent.

Ack failure caused by the transient network will be automatically resolved in the next schedules. Hence, ensure whether the issue gets resolved in the next consecutive schedule.

Note: Ensure to have a proper network connection between the agent and servers.

If the issue exists even after following the above-mentioned suggestions, then please contact support(vembu-support@vembu.com)

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