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Published : Oct. 21, 2017
Created : Oct. 21, 2017
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Please refer the below set of prerequisites for pushing Vembu Integration Service(VIS) agent successfully from the backup server.

  1. Hyper-V Role should be enabled and Hyper-V vmms service should be running in the host.
  2. Backup Server should be running in the elevated account to push the VIS Agent.
  3. Credentials of Hyper-V host you are trying to add should have administrative privileges and if the host is under domain, provide domain credentials.
  4. Powershell should be enabled in both the backup server and Hyper-V Host.
  5. Remote powershell commands, registry and services of remote Hyper-V host should be accessible from Backup Server for checking and pushing the Proxy agent. So following things should be enabled in the Hyper-V Host:

    • Remote Registry Service should be enabled
    • Winrm service should be enabled and running. To check that run the following command in PowerShell

      "Get-service winrm"

      "winrm quickconfig"

    • Enable the Remote Powershell to allow remote powershell commands by executing below cmd in Powershell "Enable-PsRemoting -force"
  6. Go through the following link if you face any issue - Troubleshooting Winrm

  7. If firewall is ON, then inbound and outbound rules of local and domain firewall should be added in backup server and Hyper-V host for the below mentioned apps

    • Windows Management Instrumentation [WMI]
    • Remote Powershell
    • Remote Registry
    • Tcp Sockets[ Vembu Ports - 32004,32005,42005]
  8. Add the Hyper-V Host as trusted host in the backup server to execute Remote Powershell.

    • Powershell command: winrm s winrm/config/client '@{TrustedHosts=\"HYPERVHOST_NAME \"}';
  9. Local group policy and User Access Control [UAC] should be configured to allow remote accessing.

  10. If you face any issue in adding the Hyper-V Hostname in BDR UI then try adding the Hyper-V host IP.

  11. If VIS is already installed in the Hyper-V host then adding the host will fail. So remove Vembu Integration Service and try to add the host again.

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