Vembu Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Comprehensive, Affordable & Secure Backup Solution for Office 365

  • Backup your Office 365 Mails, Contacts, Calendars and OneDrive data
  • Store backup data in Vembu Cloud
  • Restore selected user mailbox or individual mails
  • Restore the backup data anywhere anytime
  • Export to multiple formats: .PST, .EML, .VCF, .ICF.
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Key Features

Domain or User-level backup – Configure domain level or user level backups for your office 365 account. Configuration of single or multiple O365 domains can also be performed with Vembu cloud backup for Microsoft Office 365.

Backup Office 365 Mails – With Vembu Office 365 backup, you can backup complete Outlook mailboxes along with all its attachments.

Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365
Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365
Backup Office 365 Calendars – Select a schedule for your backup and automatically back up the calendar items such as events, meetings, and appointments from your O365 account.

Backup Office 365 Contacts – Backup your O365 contacts or people’s information and protect it by storing in the Vembu Cloud. You can search and restore your entire contacts or selected contacts granularly. Also, you can export the contact into Vcard (.vcf) format.

Backup OneDrive data – With Vembu, you can backup Onedrive data that includes documents, folders – photos, videos, etc. Configure automated daily backups for backing up the OneDrive data of a single user or the entire organization and then search to granularly restore the required OneDrive files.

Backup Exchange Online data – You can backup and protect your Exchange Online by backing up email accounts including inbox, sent items, and other custom labels with attachments with the ability to restore mail and Outlook data anywhere and anytime. You can even export a PST on demand.

Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365
Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365
Entire Mailbox or Folder-level Recovery – Vembu allows its customers to restore the entire mailbox of backed-up users and provides the option to restore the selected folders like inbox, sent, deleted, junk, etc. Individual items from the folders can also be restored.

Cross-user Restore – Vembu office 365 backup allows admin users to restore backup data either to the original user account (from which the data was backed up) or to a different user account within the same domain.

Granular-level Recovery – Vembu allows you to easily search and granularly restore mailbox items without having to restore the entire mailboxes. Also, you can search and export selected items.

Preview Mails – Vembu Office 365 backup provides a complete preview of all your O365 accounts. You can search and view emails & its items from the backup as preview. After which you can perform the restore of the backed up emails, mail attachments, contacts, calendars and OneDrive items.

Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365
Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365
Reliable reports – Vembu cloud backup for Office 365 provides backup level report, restore report, and PST report. The reports provide information about the number of users backed up, number of emails, number of contacts, number of calendar events, number of OneDrive files backed up, Time taken for the backup, size of the backup, etc.

High Scalability – With Vembu you can scale-out or scale in users, by easily adding or removing their assigned license and automatically protect new users by reassigning the used licenses to the new users.

Vembu Cloud Backup for Office 365
Vembu Backup for Office 365
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