Vembu Cloud Backup for File & Application

Backup your business-critical files, folders, and applications directly to Vembu Cloud

  • Backup Files/folders of Windows, Linux, Mac, NAS
  • Backup MS apps – Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint & Outlook, MySQL
  • Continuous data protection with incremental backups
  • Retain files that you need along with its versions, spanning years
  • Inbuilt Encryption & Compression
  • Restore your data from anywhere at any time

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Key Features of Vembu Cloud Backup for File & Application

Efficient Automatic Scheduling – Choose how frequently incremental backups are to be performed from the flexible scheduling options available.

Open File Backup – Vembu uses Microsoft VSS to provide support for backing up of open files.

Registry Backup – Backup every Registry setting that applies to each user profile in Windows using Volume Shadow Service.

System State Backup – Backup System State that has all the critical system components like Boot Files, AD, and SYSVOL.

Backup Network Drives – Mapping the network drive and backup the files and folders in that drive.

Effective Data Retention Policies – You can choose to limit the number of backup copies retained using time based or version based retention.

Pre / Post Backup Commands – Run batch files or executables automatically before or after every backup using a separate wizard for pre/post-scripts.

Data Encryption – Your data is secure with AES-256 bit encryption algorithm while backup and at rest.

Interruption-free backup – Vembu BDR Suite will intelligently pick up the backup exactly from where it left off so you don’t have to start all over again.

Restore from anywhere at anytime – Login to your Vembu Cloud console and restore all your backup files, folders, and application data whenever required.

Backup Schedule Window – Prevent backups from interrupting your network traffic during critical operations by blocking the backup schedule for certain periods.

Bandwidth Throttling for Backups – By throttling the bandwidth for particular backups, you can prevent the jobs from eating into your network during peak time.

What Our Customers Say

We have been using Vembu for years and the BDR suite is an example of the excellent software we have come to expect from Vembu. It has the features we are looking for, but most important of all, it is stable. We tried multiple vendors through the years until we finally came across his company. We stayed with them because when we need to do a restore and routine check, the backup data is there.
We have used other backup/DR tools in the past which have always failed when you need them most, we ended up doing the backups manually which became too much. We then found and tested Vembu and It’s so easy to use, we can connect remotely to keep an eye on the tasks and the whole setup is a joy to use. Support is also fantastic, they are quick at responding and very helpful and informative.
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