Vembu Exchange Server Backup

Vembu’s Backup and Recovery Solution for Microsoft Exchange creates snapshots of the entire application with the datastore to deliver efficient backups and brick level recovery of information stores, specific user mailboxes, email messages, shared folders from point-in-time Exchange backups.

Help document:Exchange Server Backup Configuration

2x Faster Backups

Backup the entire EDB mailstore twice as fast than leading exchange backup vendors. Incrementals are faster with only the modified blocks of the EDB getting backed up.

Rapid and Low Impact Recovery

Recover mailbox, single mail or entire databases from live servers without having to make the server go offline or without affecting the backups in any ways.

Reduced RPO and RTO’s

Restore entire exchange environments within minutes and not hours, without disrupting the business continuity.

Automatic Scheduling

With flexible scheduling options, set and forget schedules at your convenient time and let Vembu take care of the rest.

Backup, DR & FileShare
Backup, DR & FileShare