Windows Image Backup FAQ

  • What are the Windows machines that can be backed up with Vembu BDR Server?
    With Vembu BDR Server, you can backup the following Windows versions:


    Windows Server 2008 R2 & above
    Windows Server 2008 SP2 & above
    Windows SBS 2011, 2008


    Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

    Click for detailed System Requirements.

  • Do I have to install an agent in each machine for backup?
    You don’t have to manually install any agent in each machine. In Vembu BDR Server, you will add the Hostname/IP Address & credentials of the machines you want to backup. Then, an agent (Vembu Integration Service) will be pushed to the target machine directly.
  • What is the RPO that I can achieve?
    You can backup as frequently as every 15 minutes or you can go with hourly/daily/weekly backups. By selecting the appropriate frequency of your backup schedule, you can reduce your RPO significantly.
  • What is application-aware processing?
    When you are running critical applications like Exchange or SQL, you can enable Application-aware processing while configuring backups. This reduces the chances of data corruption during restore for restore by quiescing the VSS Writers before snapshot.
  • Where can I store the backup data?
    Vembu BDR repository management has a hybrid volume manager that supports scalable and extendable backup storage of different storage media such as Local drives, NAS(NFS and CIFS) and SAN(iSCSI and FC).
  • How do I verify whether my backups are consistent?
    Vembu has Image Integrity Report that performs a 3-tier test on the backup data – Data Integrity test, Mount test & Boot test. Apart from checking whether your data is mountable, your backed up machine is quick-booted as a new VM (in the backup server machine if Hyper-V is enabled) and its screenshot will be sent to you every day.
  • Can I restore my backups instantly?
    You can restore your backed up machine instantly as a quick-booted VM with Quick VM Recovery. Any changes you make in this VM will also be saved for when you want to perform permanent recovery.

    With Disk Management Mount, you can access all the backed up files/folders in your backup server machine without having to perform any kind of restore.

  • Is there granular level restore possible in Windows Image Backup?
    You can recover individual file/folder using File-level Recovery option bypassing the need to restore the entire machine every time.

    For the backed up MS Applications like Exchange, SQL, etc, you can use Vembu Universal Explorer to restore granular application items.

  • Can I perform Bare Metal Restore with Vembu?
    Yes. You can download your backed up machine as an image in the required file-format using Download recovery option. Along with the downloaded image, you can use Vembu Recovery CD (free tool) to perform bare metal restore to the same or new hardware.
  • Can I restore my physical windows machine on virtual platform?
    Yes. You can download your backed up machine as an image in the required virtual file-format using Download recovery option and perform the cross-platform migration (P2V).
  • How will I check the backup jobs status?
    You can check the status of the backup jobs from the report section of your BDR server console or from the backup reports sent to your inbox by configuring Email Reporting. You can also opt for Vembu BDR360 for continuous monitoring and management of your backup jobs.
  • How is Windows Image Backup licensed?
    Vembu Windows Image Backup comes in two kinds of licensing: Subscription and Perpetual.

    With subscription licensing, you will purchase licenses per server/ per annum. Support, Updates and Upgrades costs for the subscription period will be covered in the license.

    With Perpetual, you will perform a one-time purchase per server, that will be valid for up to 10 years. For the first year the Support, Updates & Upgrades will be free after which you have to pay AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost) every year.

  • Can I backup Windows machines for free?

    When backing up Windows Servers, you can choose either of these editions: Free or Enterprise. Choosing Free edition will let you backup your windows servers for free. Click to learn more about Free vs Enterprise Edition.

    Backing up your workstations is free of cost. Although, you have to pay for add-ons like Vembu OffsiteDR, Vembu CloudDR, and Vembu BDR360.