VMware Backup FAQ

  • What is agentless VMware Backup?
    Virtual machines running on VMware vCenter server/ESXi host can be backed up without installing an agent on each VM.
  • Which edition of ESXi’s are supported for agentless VMware Backup?
    Vembu VMBackup supports agentless backup of the VMs running on VMware ESXi version 4.0 and above. Also, VMware ESXi must be of licensed edition, only the licensed version will have access to vStorage APIs.
  • What if I want to backup a free edition of ESXi?
    Vembu ImageBackup client or Vembu NetworkBackup client should be installed on each VM to backup the VM data on free edition of ESXi. Vembu ImageBackup backup the entire image of Windows VMs and NetworkBackup backup the selected files or applications from Windows and Linux VMs.
  • What is the RTO and RPO for VMware backup?
    Vembu offers near Continuous Data Protection(CDP) for VMware VM backups and assures 15 mins of RPO by allowing you to run your backups every 15 mins. Also, Vembu provides RTO of less than 15 mins through its various recovery options.
  • How many VMs I can backup from a single VMware host?
    You can backup an unlimited number of VMs from a single VMware host using Vembu VMBackup.
  • Does Vembu VMBackup support backing up VMs through vCenter?
    Yes, Vembu VMBackup supports backup of VMs through vCenter server.
  • Does Vembu VMBackup support backing up VMs through vCloud director?
    Vembu VMBackup for VMware currently do not support backup of VMs through vCloud director, but this feature is already under development and it will be available in any one of our major release.
  • What ports need to be opened by default in ESXi server?
    You need to make sure that the TCP ports 80, 443 and 902 are opened, which are used to connect the ESXi host from BDR backup server.
  • How will the licenses be charged for VMware Backup?
    Vembu licensing based on the number of CPU-Sockets(physical cores) in the machine where ESXi host/vCenter server is deployed and supports backup of unlimited VMs. Also, VM level license is available.
  • What is VM Replication?
    Vembu VM Replication will replicate the virtual machine from one ESXi host(Production environment) to another ESXi host (DR location) for high availability. Replicated VM will be in shutdown state. During disaster, the replicated VM can be failover instantly.
  • What is Failover and Failback in Vembu VMBackup?
    Failover process switches the operations from original VM to its replica on the target host, when the source VMs is down due to disaster or system error Failback is a process of permanently moving the failover VM to the source or different ESXi host.
  • Can I backup a RDM(Raw Device Mapping) and Passthrough disks attached to the VMware VMs using Vembu?
    Agentless VMware backup will skip the RDM and Passthrough disks during backup. If you would like to backup the VMs having RDM and Passthrough disks, install Vembu ImageBackup on the VM and then backup the entire VM.
  • Is Vembu VMBackup supports backing up of encrypted VMware VMs?
    Vembu VMBackup does not support backing up of encrypted VMware VMs.
  • Does Vembu VMBackup support different VMware transport modes?
    Yes, Vembu VMBackup supports different VMware transport modes like Direct SAN, HotAdd, Network transport mode(NBD and NBDSSL) for transferring the backup data.