Vembu vs Veeam

A complete solution to protect virtual, physical and cloud data centers

Why Vembu?

A backup solution should do more than just backups. Recovery, Reliability, and comprehensivity are just some of the factors that need to be looked into when considering a backup solution. Vembu BDR suite is a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for diverse IT environments with flexible software and appliance deployment models. It provides a proactive approach to manage the business data risks and also helps to meet the regulatory requirements. The flagship offering from Vembu ensures hassle-free Data Protection, High Availability, and Business Continuity. This is where Vembu BDR Suite delivers considering the other solutions in the market.

See what our customers are saying about us

We evaluated Veeam but we selected Vembu because the feature set was what we needed. We didn’t need to use Veeam’s full recovery, full replication suite. Because of that, our costs are about a quarter of what they would have been with Veeam.

– Tim Kemp, IT Director

I tested Vembu against Veeam and for the price, Vembu was the better option. I also had a great support experience as I had to contact Vembu twice after mistakes I made. While using Veeam the software was not as intuitive and support responses were not as swift and accurate.

– Jesse Brandt, System Administrator

We have been migrating clients from VEEAM to Vembu at a steady rate. Vembu has a consistent and affordable price point versus the ridiculous scaling costs of other solutions on the market.

– Tom Cobbs

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Vembu Over Veeam

1. An All-Inclusive Backup & DR Solution

Vembu delivers a unified solution – Vembu BDR Suite and offers complete data protection for your entire IT infrastructure. In particular, Vembu provides broad Application and Infrastructure Support. When it comes to the virtual environment, Vembu offers Agentless backup solution for VMware & Hyper-V. Concerning the physical environment, Vembu supports backup of Windows, Linux, and Mac based machines. Also, Vembu helps in protecting the SaaS applications data of Office 365 & G suite. From physical to virtual and even cloud workloads can be protected with Vembu BDR Suite.

2. Start Functioning in Less than 15 mins

With Vembu BDR Suite, you can handle almost any recovery task that comes your way like, start operating within mins using Quick VM Recovery, restore only the required data using granular recovery of Files/Folders & MS-Apps. Vembu ensures industry best Recovery Time Objective (RTO) < 15 mins by instantly booting the backup VMs and Physical Machines as a VM on any of the Hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V, and KVM. Further, you also get options to migrate your workloads from physical to a virtual environment (P2V) and also from one hypervisor to another hypervisor (V2V). Thus, Vembu delivers the availability of critical machines at any moment without any obstruction.

3. Hybrid Backup and Disaster Recovery Setup

Vembu BDR Suite helps the businesses to create a secure and comprehensive backup strategy. It is architecturally compatible with private, public and hybrid cloud platform and lets the users have their secondary copy of backup data on Vembu Cloud residing in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Vembu Cloud Services provides access to data at any time, anywhere and delivers efficient performance, scalability, and security against loss at-fly and at-rest. It is also practicable to store the backup data on users own data center as well as on Tape Storages. Customers can experience the best backup strategy of having 3 copies of your data in 2 different storage media and 1 backup copy offsite with Vembu.

4. Scalable Storage Solution for Growing Businesses

Businesses need to identify the amount of storage that will be required for storing and managing the data generated. But anticipating and purchasing storage arrays for the future may sometimes result in affording larger storage than needed. This results in more investments for storages. With Vembu BDR Suite, organizations can now add and configure storage devices like Local drives, NAS, SAN, and Tape of any size whenever the need arises. Thus, scaling of storage repositories without any boundaries is made feasible with Vembu, also provides inbuilt features like Encryption, Compression, and Deduplication for storing the data efficiently.

5. Huge Savings without compromising on Efficiency

Customers have the flexibility in choosing the Edition type – Free, Standard, Enterprise and License type – Subscription/Perpetual. Be it big or small, any organization can afford Vembu because of its reasonable cost. Organizations embracing Vembu BDR suite will be able to save 70% of their investments that are made for Datacenter Protection. Thus, Vembu remains as an economical solution and assures value for your money with its best Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.

With data protection becoming necessary due to the increasing threats and strict regulatory compliances, businesses need a solution which is designed to counter data threats, ensure business continuance, provide efficient storage management & intelligent backup also keeping in mind the overhead costs. Thus, customers rely on Vembu BDR Suite since it provides advancements at every stage through new features and satisfies customers growing needs thereby catering a solution that targets complete Data Protection. On the other hand, there isn’t any vendor in the market who is more user-friendly and cost-effective than Vembu!

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