Vembu VMBackup v3.7.0

Backup Solution for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V

Vembu VMBackup is a Backup and Disaster Recovery software that supports VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. VMBackup is designed to backup and replicate the virtual machines by taking the snapshots of the VM images at the host (hypervisor) level. There is no need to install any agent on each virtual machine (guest OS). Also, during incremental backups, only changed blocks will be transferred. Application-aware image backup processing ensures application consistency with logs being truncated after successful backups. The quick vm recovery helps you to instantly launch the backed up VMs on ESXi host or Hyper-V or any other hypervisor. VMBackup provides option of sending the backup data to an off-site data center or Vembu Cloud for data redundancy and disaster recovery.

Vembu VMBackup
Small Businesses

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Feature Highlights

  • Agentless VMware Backup and Replication
  • VM Replication for High Availability
  • VMware Hot-Add and SAN transport mode for LAN free data transfer
  • CBT enabled incremental data transfer using VMware VADP
  • Supports VMware vSphere v6.5 which includes VMware Virtual Volumes and Virtual SAN
  • Host level Advanced Hyper-V Backup
  • Support for Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes
  • Vembu CBT Driver for high performance incremental backups
  • Hot Backup ensures zero VM downtime
  • VSS aware technology for application consistency
  • Quick VM Recovery
  • Application-Aware Image Backups
  • Automated Backup Verification
  • Vembu Universal Explorer for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Active Directory and SharePoint
  • Instant File-level Recovery
  • Entire VM recovery to ESXi Host, Hyper-V and KVM
  • Restore specific disks from a backed up VM
  • Cross Hypervisor Migration (V2V)
  • VembuHIVE File System, a File System of File Systems for efficient backup storage
  • Flexible & Configurable Retention Policies
Lee Wong, The Mackie Group
“Vembu ensures availability of our core productions systems that support Mackie’s business operations
Alan Morris, Ceredigion County Council
“Vembu have been a valued partner since starting to use the product around 5 years ago
Phong Lam, Zecontech, Inc
“We have used Vembu product for years, starting with its hybrid-cloud backup solutions

VMware Backup

Most of the medium and large companies are moving their business critical servers to VMware vSphere environments to get the benefits of minimal downtime, better resource distribution, easier manageability and cost savings. Though VMware has inbuilt snapshot functionality to backup the VMs, it is not a complete backup solution as just snapshots alone cannot guarantee consistent backups with recovery points for months or years. Also, backing up VMware virtual machines by using any third party software or hardware vendors are typically more expensive and difficult to manage.

Vembu VMBackup is the most cost effective Backup and Disaster Recovery software which offers backup and replication for VMware vSphere hosts and vCenter servers at an affordable price point.

VMware Backup
  • Host level VMware backup is designed to protect vSphere and vCenter environments using the VMware vStorage APIs (VADP)
  • VM Replication ensures the high availability of VMs. It creates a redundant copy of VMs on another ESXi host, in a ready-to-start state
  • The direct Hot-Add and SAN transport mode provides faster data transfer speed with less resource utilization. VMBackup will automatically analyze your environment and it will choose the appropriate data transfer mode
  • VMBackup uses the application-specific VSS writers to take consistent snapshots of MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, MS Active Directory and MS SharePoint. Also, it truncates log files after successful backup schedules.
Hyper-V Backup

Hyper-V Backup

Many small and medium businesses are using Microsoft Hyper-V servers in their data center as setting up a Hyper-V server and creating virtual machines are really easy and simple task for IT admins. But creating a backup policy for the Hyper-V VMs is not a simple process. Although, Hyper-V itself has a snapshot functionality, it is not an option for backup. Also, the backup softwares available for Hyper-V backup are not performing well due to the lack of comprehensive backup APIs from Microsoft.

Vembu has developed it’s own proprietary driver to backup the Hyper-V VMs in an efficient manner especially with up to 5X improvement in performance over other backup softwares.

  • Host level Hyper-V backup is designed to protect Microsoft Hyper-V Servers
  • Vembu’s proprietary CBT driver tracks the changed blocks alone during the incremental backup and it ensures the high performance incremental backup
  • Hot Backup ensures zero VM downtime
  • Hyper-V backups use application-specific VSS writers to take consistent snapshots of highly transactional applications like Exchange Server, SQL Server and truncate the transaction log files during the backup job
  • VMBackup supports the VMs located in Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes and the Windows SMB share

RPO and RTO less than 15 mins

Business continuity should not be disrupted during a disaster. So Vembu VMBackup offers a solution which should limit the downtime to minutes and also you can have a replica of your Data Center from where you can launch and run critical applications instantly during disaster.

  • You can instantly launch the backed up virtual machines without restoring it completely
  • Instant File-Level Recovery
  • Instant item-level recovery tools for Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL & SharePoint helps you recover email, database and documents instantly
  • With automated backup scheduling, VMBackup offers near continuous data protection without affecting the production environment
RPO and RTO less than 15 mins
Automated Backup Verification

Automated Backup Verification

Backups are not worthy if you unable to restore them during disaster. So, you should have the ability to run backup verification for all backed up VMs automatically. In such process, VMBackup automatically boots the backed up VMs and the screenshot details will be sent to admins through e-mail.

Quick VM Recovery

You can instantly launch the backed up virtual machines on VMware ESXi host, Hyper-V and KVM environment. In the case of Windows based backup servers, VMs can be recovered instantly with Hyper-V. For Linux based backup servers, instant boot is done with the help of KVM.

Quick VM Recovery
Instant File Recovery

Instant File Level Recovery

Individual files and folders can be instantly recovered from the backed up VMs without processing entire backup data.

Vembu Universal Explorer

Vembu Universal Explorer allows you to instantly restore individual items from Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Active Directory and SharePoint.

Vembu Universal Explorer
VMware Disk Level Restore

VMware Disk Level Restore

VMware disk level restore allows you to restore only required disks during recovery instead of the entire VM. You can essentially restore any specific disks to the same VM or a different one.

Failover & Failback

During disaster in production environment, the replicated VMs will automatically get started on DR Host. Vembu VMBackup will maintain a temporary state for failover VM’s to keep the changes after starting the replica VMs. Also, you can either failover a Replica VM temporarily or permanently. VMBackup allows you to automatically map your production host network and IP address with the DR host network to avoid manual work while you are in midst of a disaster.

You can later failback the failover VM to the production host from the DR host. Also, you can either failback to an entirely new host/location or the same host.

Failover & Failback
Cross Hypervisor Migration (V2V)

Cross Hypervisor Migration (V2V)

Most IT managers are moving all their physical Windows servers to virtual environment. Migrating a production Windows servers requires lots of manual work and the down time cannot be affordable in such scenarios.

Vembu allows you to have an in-built plan for your P2V and V2V migration so that you can easily migrate a physical Windows machine to VMware or Hyper-V with minimal downtime. Also you can migrate VMs from VMware to Hyper-V and vice versa.

With Vembu VMBackup, a backed up VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine can be instantly migrated to any hypervisors like, Hyper-V or KVM.

Since VMware and Hyper-V backups are stored at block level in a neutral format, VMBackup allows you to instantly restore any incremental backup in any formats including VHD,VHDX, VMDK, Flat-VMDK or RAW. By using these virtual disks, you can migrate the backed up machines to ESXi host or Hyper-V or any hypervisors.

Efficient Storage Management

Vembu developed VembuHIVE – an efficient file system designed for large scale backup and disaster recovery applications with support for in-built compression, encryption & deduplication. Since every incremental is a self-sufficient snapshots with pointers to the blocks in VembuHIVE file system, any incremental is instantaneously available as a full backup. There is no extra processing to restore an incremental backup compared to a full backup (no need for a merge)

Efficient Storage Management
Building Virtual Labs from Storage Repositories

Building Virtual Labs from Storage Repositories

You could create your own virtual lab for testing virtual/physical machines without disturbing the production environment and that too without using any additional storage space. VMBackup allows you to launch the backed up machines directly from storage repositories without initiating the restore process. By using instant boot option, you can instantly launch the backed up VM on Hyper-V or ESXi host