Vembu SocialDesk

Key Features

Social Inbox

Improve productivity by managing all your essential social networks in one place. Engage your audience and manage your customers with a unified social stream for all your messages, conversations, social profiles and social channels. Social Inbox will help you manage all your social media connections and social media efforts.

Social Network Management

Enhance your social business by aligning all your social networks to engage with customers. Conversations across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are organized into one Social Inbox which is integrated into Sales and Support Desks for better informed sales and customer service.


Never miss an interaction. Respond in real time to delight your audience and customers and discover more on social media by monitoring relevant keywords that are important to your business. Discover what is being said about your company, products and services.

Social Accounts Management

Manage multiple social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn from single centralized portal. View all your social feeds directly from our Social Inbox.

Lead Generation

Convert your followers into Leads using our SocialDesk whenever they express interest on your products. Follow your customers with our customized customized Keywords and tags.

Social Media Monitoring

Search your social accounts using our all-in-one Keyword Search Feature to stay updated on the latest trends. Facilitate global tracking of Leads whenever they appear on your social media feeds.

Customer Support Across Multiple Scaling

Listen, engage and support your customers in real time across multiple channels including social networks. Centralize all your customer engagements with Vembu CRM’s integrated Social Desk and Help Desk. Customer queries and conversations across social channels converted to support tickets to efficiently resolve and respond to customers via their preferred channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Email, Phone and web.

Convert Messages Into Support Tickets

With social inbox , all your social connections and social media profiles are placed in one unified stream. Create a Help Desk support ticket with Vembu’s integrated Help Desk from any message on your linked social channels. Resolve your support tickets within Vembu CRM’s dashboard and respond back on the same social channel back to the customer. Create, Resolve, Respond and Manage support tickets with the integrated Vembu Help Desk and Social Desk.

Convert Social Profiles Into Leads

Generate Leads from your social connections with integrated Vembu Sales and Social Desks, all of it within the same dashboard. Our intelligent social search will guide you to identify prospective customers across multiple channels including social networks. Link their social profiles to listen to and engage with your customers. Identify, track, qualify and convert your social connections to customers.