Vembu SalesDesk

Key Features

Sale Force Automation

Enhance your business performance with a seamless sales process from lead generation to lead engagement and conversion. With Vembu CRM’s Sales Force Automation you gain accurate insights into your sales pipeline, sales team tasks, lead conversion efficiency and forecasting through real time dashboards. All your business teams are automatically in sync, boosting team and social selling.

Lead Management

Empower your lead qualification team to effectively rate, segregate and target leads based on their profile and engagements through different channels including social media. Leads are assigned and followup tasks are created automatically for the respective sales agents. Boost your lead conversion and sales through real time lead engagement metrics.

Opportunity Management

A 360 degree view of all the leads and opportunities in the sales pipeline. Monitor the lead engagements and dynamically assess opportunity scope and value. Detailed opportunity metrics against calendar, agents and products that help your sales forecasts.

Social Identity

Vembu CRM’s intelligent social search will help you locate the identities of your potential leads from various social media landscapes. Quickly grow your reach and link to wider network through social connections Lead capture and lead generation is made easy with Vembu CRM’s integrated Social Relationship Management. Profile and qualify leads with social identity and convert them into delighted customers.

Social Selling

To sell better you need to know your buyer better and vice versa. With Vembu CRM’s sales intelligence you can know more about the social customer. The social customer in turn gets insights about your business as well when you connect with them socially. With social identity and social relationship management you sell better and close sales deals faster to grow your everyday business.

Social CRM

Socially identify leads, reach out to them via social connections and impress your audience with your social engagements across multiple channels – all without stepping out of Vembu CRM, Sell to customers on the social channels creating a social marketplace and close big deals to grow your business with the unified Vembu CRM.