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Competitive and affordable pricing with 24/7/365 Free Support and Product Upgrades
Office 365G Suite

Office 365

$24 + Cloud Storage Fee
per user/annum

Vembu Cloud Storage Fee

Storage Packages /
Subscription Period
250GB 500GB 1000GB
Monthly $30 $54 $96
1 Year $300 $540 $960
2 Year $540 $972 $1,728
3 Year $720 $1,296 $2,304
5 Year $900 $1,620 $2,880

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the licensing models available with Vembu?
    Vembu has Subscription and Perpetual license model. You can opt for any one of these models based on your requirements.
  • What is AMC?
    Annual Maintenance Contract is the fee levied to provide standard maintenance & support for the perpetual licensing model.
  • What is Vembu Portal credit?
    Vembu Portal credit is a digital wallet provided by Vembu, which allows you to add credits to Vembu Portal by paying the upfront cost, and these credits can also be used for purchasing the license, storage and AMC from Vembu.
  • Does Vembu offer Perpetual Licensing for Vembu Cloud Services?
    There is no perpetual licensing model for Vembu Cloud Services, as the Vembu Cloud Services are based on the pay-as-you-go model.