Success Story: Merrimac Solutions

Vembu helps build a cost effective backup solution for Merrimac’s SMB and enterprise customers

Merrimac Solutions
Industry : Managed IT Services Provider Solution : Vembu BDR Suite
Protected Platforms : Virtualization (VMware) & Physical Image
double-quotes The pricing model in the Managed ServiceProvider addition from Vembu allowed us to build a cost effectivebackup solution for our SMB and enterprise customers

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What lead to your partnership with Vembu?

We needed a GO-TO product that would fit the needs of our SMB customers as well as our enterprise customers. We looked for the solution which could backup Exchange, SQL, Oracle and managed by a traditional Windows Operating Systems as well as Linux and Mac OS. In addition, we required a built-in invoice module, integrated disaster recovery capabilities and detailed reporting features.

As we explored the market, we realized that there are many online solutions that provided an attractive price for the few first Gigabytes but as the customer scales to about 50GB or more, they are cost prohibitive. With Vembu, we arrived at a solution that answered all our concerns. Firstly, it was easy to install on client and server and the pricing model in the Managed Service Provider.

How smooth was your installation process?

We created our own internal procedures to install the backup clients, run the initial backups to disk, upload the backup data to our backup servers, then “turn-on” on the remote backups. We spend less than 15 minutes per client server to install/configure their backups which provides us a leg up on the competition. Our backend process doesn’t take more than a half hour to carve up a new client so we can easily implement a new customer within an hour. The length of time to install and configure the front-end and back-end components took much longer when we used a competitor’s product so Vembu saves us two hours per client server.

What do you think are the benefits that Vembu offers to a managed service provider?

Vembu’s Backup & DR Solution has reports that provide us a quick snapshot into the current status of our backup servers, customer’s servers and any backup related issues.Vembu’s Backup & DR Solution is cost effective, easy to maintain and includes a set of features that are usually found in a very expensive solution.

How is Vembu’s Backup & DR solution in comparison against other backup solutions for managed service providers?

We decided to move ahead with Vembu as other solutions in the market had a higher entry cost for us, was more difficult to install on the customer’s servers, didn’t have widespread agent support and had inadequate technical support.

What are your future plans with Vembu?

We will continue to offer Vembu to those customers who need a cost effective backup solution and are willing to pay a minimal fee for the protection of their data so that they can sleep better at night.

About Vembu

Vembu is a leading provider of a portfolio of software products and cloud services to small and medium businesses for more than a decade. Vembu’s vision is to make software and cloud services very affordable for the hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses worldwide.

Vembu’s flagship offering is the BDR Suite of products meant for on-premise, offsite, cloud backup and disaster recovery across diverse IT environments including physical, virtual, applications and endpoints.

Since 2002, Vembu’s industry-recognized data protection solutions have delivered tangible value to more than 60,000 businesses worldwide through a network of 4000+ partners (MSPs/VARs & Resellers).

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