Vembu HelpDesk

Key Features

Email Ticketing

Respond to your customer’s queries in few seconds with an quick reply. Acknowledge your customers with instant ticket and tracking number for easy traceablility. The ticket listing screen is designed for hassle free ticket handling by agents.Convert your replies into Knowledge Base articles that can be used for reference when the co-agents are responding to similar queries.

Support Automation

Our enhanced workflow automation module helps you manage the support tickets in an effective way and help save time.These Workflow automation rules can trigger notification to certain groups or users whenever predefined set of conditions are met.In addition to that, you can even create various support plans based on your business requirements and offer customers wide range of support subscriptions.Whenever the spike issues get accumulated, canned responses can come in for a rescue by enabling your agents respond to similar customer queries and thereby reduce the response time.

Team Collaboration

You can offer support over unlimited number of products all from within a single help desk.Customize specific assignment rules, different email notifications, SLAs etc. for each product.You can create multiple groups for monitoring the agent performances as your company grows.

Customer Self-Service Center

Give your customers the freedom to raise and manage their tickets online with our Customer Self-Service portal.You decide your customer Self-Service portal Web URL,which is customizable and unique to you.You can even get your Knowledge Base articles published for your customers from within the customer Self-Service portal .Agents too can create an account in self-service center, from where they can monitor their company ticket flow statuses and manage them in an efficient manner.

Support Performance Tracking

Find out how good your agents perform directly based on your Customer`s Satisfaction Rate and comprehensive report analysis agent-wise.Find out how fast your agents respond to the ticket with agent-wise report analysis based on Ticket Resolution rate.

Mobile Apps

You can now provide support to your customers wherever you go, with the Free Vembu HelpDesk iPhone and Android apps.Reply to tickets, add new ticket and resolve your tickets directly from your mobile phone.