Vembu Cloud Services

Vembu Cloud Services is a simple and cost-effective backup and recovery solution to protect the data of Small and Medium businesses and letting the IT administrators to Backup their Physical and Virtual machines directly to Vembu Cloud. The flexible recovery options of Vembu cloud, enable the businesses to recover easily during the disaster scenarios and helps in achieving business continuity. Vembu Cloud, which is residing on Amazon Web Services focusses mainly on the security of the backed up data, with the data being encrypted both in transit and at rest.

With hybrid cloud deployment using Vembu CloudDR, the disaster recovery can be made simple by keeping one copy of backed up data at local data centre while the other copy at Vembu Cloud.

Vembu Cloud Services

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Product Highlights

Vembu CloudDR

Vembu CloudDR provides ability to set up hybrid cloud environment where you can replicate additional backup copy to Vembu Cloud. So you can keep one copy of your backup data in the Vembu BDR backup server in your data center and another copy in the Vembu Cloud.

  • Upload additional backup copy to Vembu Cloud
  • Data will be uploaded to nearest Vembu Cloud Servers
  • Backup data will be encrypted on-the-fly and at rest
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Vembu CloudDR

Vembu OnlineBackup

Vembu OnlineBackup is a Cloud Backup Solution for the SMBs who would like to backup their Files and Applications directly to Vembu Cloud.

  • Restore data Anytime and Anywhere
  • AES 256 bit Encryption
  • Where It Left Off
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Vembu OnlineBackup

Vembu SaaSBackup

Vembu SaaSBackup is a backup and recovery software for SaaS Applications like Microsoft Office365 and Google Apps (now G Suite).

  • Backup user’s e-mails, calendar, contacts and documents.
  • Search the user data or e-mail from Vembu Customer Portal.
  • Restore the user data or e-mail to same user or different user account.
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Vembu SaaSBackup

Vembu BDR360

Vembu BDR360 helps you with 24/7 availability by providing the flexibility to monitor and manage all your Vembu BDR backup environments from a centralized portal.

  • Group Management
  • Calendar based Backup Reports
  • Backup verification reports with screenshots
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Vembu BDR360

Vembu BDR Suite

Single Backup & DR Solution for Multiple Requirements of Data Center

Success stories from our Customers

Lee Wong, The Mackie Group

“Vembu ensures availability of our core productions systems that support Mackie’s business operations

Alan Morris, Ceredigion County Council

“Vembu have been a valued partner since starting to use the product around 5 years ago

Phong Lam, Zecontech, Inc

“We have used Vembu product for years, starting with its hybrid-cloud backup solutions

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