Vembu BDR360 FAQ

  • What is BDR360?
    Vembu BDR360 is a Centralized Monitoring Tool for your Data Center which provides end-to-end visibility to all the backup jobs configured using Vembu BDR Suite. You can keep track of multiple backup jobs with the help of extensive reports and email notifications.
  • Why we need BDR360?
    Centralized monitoring becomes more important as your backup server deployment becomes more distributed. Since monitoring each and every server day in and day out is very exhausting. Businesses can address this issue by using Vembu BDR360.

    BDR360 is a centralized cloud console that can be accessed from anywhere at any time and gives you real-time metrics and an accurate view of the entire backup environment.

  • How to start using Vembu BDR360?
    To get started, you have to signup for BDR360 through your Vembu Portal account. Click on the Products tab and click on Login option alongside ‘Vembu BDR360’.

    Then, Go to Servers → Download Agent tab, download and install Vembu BDR360 agent in the backup server machine.

    Once done, the agent will start monitoring the Vembu server in that system and initiates report generation.

  • How many servers can be connected to BDR360 for centralized monitoring?
    You can connect and monitor any number of servers simultaneously with Vembu BDR 360.
  • How can I add the new backup server in BDR360?
    BDR360 designed in such a way, that automatically detects the new server which is registered under your portal account. For now, you have to install the BDR360 agent in the machine where the Vembu BDR server is installed. Once you install the agent in that particular server, all your backup related information will be updated to BDR360.
  • Can I monitor the backup jobs configured to DR site with BDR360?
    Yes, you can monitor backups configured to Vembu OffsiteDR through BDR360.
  • Can I configure email notifications from BDR360?
    Yes, you can use BDR360 to send the email notifications. You can set up email alerts based on your backup job status (success, failed, missed, partial) with a summary report.

    You can also configure emails at the Server/Client group level.

  • What are the reports available in BDR360?
    You can manage all your backup jobs with the help of various reports such as Backup Server information report, VM status report, Backup Verification report and Offsite backup report.
  • Does Vembu BDR360 support any application integration?
    Vembu BDR360 integrates with the ConnectWise to create service tickets and automate the billing processes. It also provides an option for MSPs to speed up cash flows and run their managed service more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • How can a Reseller use BDR360? Is there a reseller level login there?
    Yes, we’ve Reseller/Distributor level login for BDR360. To avail this feature, kindly drop a mail to
  • Is it possible to configure the backup from BDR360?
    Currently, you can’t configure backups from BDR360. You can only monitor the backups.
  • Can I create and manage the custom alarm using BDR360?
    This feature is already in our roadmap. Based on the number of customer requests we receive, we will prioritize the feature on the roadmap if required and will be available in any of our upcoming releases.

    For now, you can configure email alerts for ‘Backup Status Report’ globally as well as Groupwise email reports.