Simplify, Scale and Secure your Backups

with Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0

Reduce your Backup Complexities with Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0

In the era of increasing data threats and dynamic compliance standards, Vembu’s next offering is all about easing out the backup process, making the restore process faster and ensuring better backup management thus having an effective Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Plan in place.

What to expect from Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0?

Native Tape Storage Support

Implement the best known 3-2-1 backup strategy of having 3 copies of your data in 2 different storage media and 1 backup copy offsite with the new native tape backup support from vembu. Backing up to tape is still a necessary practice for many organizations and it is the only feasible option for the long-term archival for larger data. With v3.9.0, Vembu supports the needs of many organizations by backing up of the data to tape storages.

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Backup Level encryption

When a critical data is easily hackable, the consequences are devastating. Frequent data breaches of recent ransomware attacks are having the organizations to think about the best way to safeguard their business-critical data against the threats and hackers. With Vembu’s backup level encryption, every backup job can be encrypted with an individual password, and it is necessary to enter this password while restoring or modifying the backup.

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Quick VM Recovery on ESXi

Vembu helps in reducing Recovery Time Objective(RTO) using Quick VM Recovery, thereby reducing the downtime of a business from minutes to seconds during a disaster. Instant recovery of Hyper-V VMs and physical Windows Servers is now made available on VMware ESXi for an effective Disaster Recovery(Previously available only on Hyper-V). Recovering the backup data as a virtual machine happens in a matter of seconds by booting the backed up machine directly from the storage repository on any hypervisor of choice like Hyper-V or VMware ESXi or KVM.

Auto Authorization at OffsiteDR Server

The DR data is extremely vital and has to be protected, but in some cases, the replicated data is prone to corruption when it receives the data from an unknown backup server, causing the sensitive data to be vulnerable. Vembu’s Auto Authorization for DR server will generate a unique passkey, using which only the authorized backup server can connect and replicate the backup data to the DR server for Disaster recovery.

Pre/Post Commands

Many businesses need to execute certain logics before or after a backup job and running these logics or scripts manually during a backup is difficult and it is not feasible for the organization having multiple backup jobs. With the separate wizard for prescripts and postscripts, you can add any number of executable scripts and Vembu lets you automatically run your own business logic at specific stages of a backup job based on the configuration.

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