KB ID : 96
Published : Jan. 28, 2016
Created : Jan. 28, 2016
Last Modified : Oct. 14, 2016


“Error in initializing the MAPI. Not able to increment reference count to MAPI subsystem” occurs if Vembu BDR is unable to access and initialize the MAPI to list and dump the Exchange Mailboxes.


To resolve this issue and to list/backup/restore the Exchange Mailboxes in 64-bit machines, you need to install Microsoft’s 32-bit MAPI client component using runas administrator option from the url below:


Please refer the following help document for more information on configuring an exchange mailbox backup:


After following the about steps, try to authenticate the Vembu BDR application with exchange server using below mentioned steps:

  1. Once the Mailbox is listed in the Vembu BDR application, try to expand the sub folders if it hangs.
  2. Go to this URL:- URL http://MACHINENAME:6060/xchangeoptions.sgp?xopt=18 it will direct you to create the MAPI profile newly by giving the Mailbox profile name and Global catalog Name -> Click on save. It will start recreating the profile and list the mailbox without any issues and then schedule the backup.
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