KB ID : 93
Published : Jan. 22, 2016
Created : Jan. 22, 2016
Last Modified : June 26, 2016

Cause 1

If there is not enough free space available in temporary dump location drive configured for your Exchange Server schedule (Eg: “D:\” Drive).

Solution 1

If the free space is too low in the temporary dump location [By default, the dump location will be ‘<vembu bdr="" home="">/plugin-data/’], clean up the unnecessary files in that drive to get more free space or give a new dump location in edit page of the exchange server backup and proceed to schedule successful backups.

Note: The dump location must have free space as same as database size. [Eg:- 50 GB database size then need 50 GB free space]

Cause 2

If the file system of the drive in which the temporary dump location is configured as ‘FAT32′. One of the limitations of ‘FAT32′ file system is that the maximum size of a single file in it cannot be greater than 4 GB.

Solution 2

Change the temporary dump location for the corresponding backup schedule to a drive whose file system is ‘NTFS’ with enough space. You can change the temporary dump location for a backup schedule by going to the menu “List Backup Schedules -> Edit(Action Icon for particular backup job)”. Then, below the title ‘Advanced Settings’, check the option ‘Run additional full backup after saving this configuration’.

Note: After changing the temporary dump location, it is mandatory to run an additional Full backup schedule before continuing with the incremental backups.

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