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Published : Jan. 22, 2016
Created : Jan. 22, 2016
Last Modified : June 26, 2016

Cause 1

Any of the Mailbox Store in which user mailboxes reside is dismounted or “Microsoft Exchange Information Store” service is stopped.

Solution 1

Make sure that all the Mailbox and Public Folder Stores are mounted and the “Microsoft Exchange Information Store” service is running.

Cause 2

Any user is disabled in Active Directory Users and Computers. If this case is true, this warning message can be safely ignored as the dumped files [for enabled users] will be uploaded to the backup server without any issues. However, if you would like to get rid of this warning message, follow the steps given in the resolution below.

Solution 2

To avoid this warning message in backup report, hide the disabled users from Exchange Address List by following the steps given below [and this should be followed for all disabled users]:

For Exchange Server 2003:

  • Open “Active Directory Users and Computers” by navigating to Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Active Directory Users and Computers. Alternatively, you can type “dsa.msc” in “Run” command window to open ADUC.
  • Find the disabled users and then right click and select ‘Properties’ for each disabled users.
  • Click on the ‘Exchange Advanced’ tab and check the check box for the option ‘Hide from Exchange Address Lists’.
  • Click ‘Apply’ and then click ‘OK’.

For Exchange Server 2007/2010/2013:

  • Open “Exchange Management Console/Exchange Control Panel (ECP for 2013)” and go to “… -> Recipient Configuration -> Mailbox” to view all the mailboxes.
  • Locate the disabled user mailbox, right click on it and choose ‘Properties’.
  • In “General” tab, check the checkbox against ‘Hide from Exchange address lists’.
  • Click ‘Apply’ and then click ‘OK’.

Cause 3

If the mailbox is an archived mailbox then the backups will fail with above error since its not recognized by MAPI as a regular mailbox/folder and will not be taken into listing.

Solution 3

Hide the archived mailbox user from Exchange address list by following the steps mentioned in solution 2.

Now schedule the Exchange Mailbox backup once and check if no warning messages are logged in the backup report. If the same warning message recurs in the backup report, search if any more user account is disabled in ADUC and follow the above procedure to hide them from Global Exchange address lists.

If all the above cases are fine, then Check whether the problematic user accounts are getting listed in Vembu BDR mailbox listing panel and be able to expand the respective user sub folders. Also verify if problematic user can login to mailbox through OWA.

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