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Published : Jan. 20, 2016
Created : Jan. 20, 2016
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


Error while preparing Storage Group [First Storage Group] for backup : "An Incremental/Differential log backup cannot be performed when circular logging is enabled.”

Normally this error would occur if the circular logging option is enabled or the circular logging option has been changed and the information store has not been restarted at least once after the change or a full backup has not yet run after the change.


To resolve this issue please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Open Exchange System Manager and navigate through the console tree to Administrative Groups -> your administrative group -> Servers -> your server -> the storage group you want to check. Right click on the storage group, select Properties, and check whether the “Enable Circular Logging” check box is selected or not. If the check box remains checked, uncheck the “Enable Circular Logging” check box.

Step 2

Restart “Microsoft Exchange Information Store” service.

Note: You need to run an additional full backup after switching from circular logging to non-circular logging.

To run additional full backup go to the menu “List Backup Schedules -> Edit(Action Icon for particular backup job)”. Then, below the title ‘Advanced Settings’, check the option ‘Run additional full backup after saving this configuration’.

To know more about how Circular Logging affects log backups, please refer the following URL:


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