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Published : Jan. 8, 2016
Created : Jan. 8, 2016
Last Modified : April 8, 2016


Vembu’s Exchange Server Plugin uses Microsoft’s API [VSS for Exchange 2003/2007/2010] to dump the Exchange database and log files [and purge the logs on completion of FULL/SYNTHETIC-FULL/INCREMENTAL backups of course] and then upload them to the backup server. The job of truncating the logs after successful backups is totally left to the Exchange System and Vembu client does not modify/remove/add/purge any Exchange logs. Please note that the number of logs to truncate for the particular database is purely decided by the Exchange Server. Usually, Exchange logs will be truncated efficiently after FULL (& SYNTHETIC-FULL) backups when compared to INCREMENTAL LOG backups.

NOTE: Logs are NOT purged after DIFFERENTIAL LOG backup schedules.


Try this workaround:

For Exchange server 2003/2007:

  1. Enable Circular Logging option for all mailbox databases in your exchange server .
  2. Restart the Information store service and check if all logs are purged.
  3. After that, please again disable Circular Logging option for all databases and then restart information store service.
  4. Then configure an additional Full backup and check if the backup gets completed successfully in your client machine.

For Exchange server 2010:

  1. Dismount all the databases and mount them (you may do this when the mail traffic is less)

  2. Now configure an additional full backup schedule for the exchange backup job, and check if the logs are purged and backups are completed successfully.

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