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Published : Dec. 30, 2015
Created : Dec. 30, 2015
Last Modified : March 8, 2018


The VMware backup job incremental schedule fails with the error message "unable to get the CBT status of the VM".

Solution 1

Configuring additional full backup will reset the CBT for entire backup schedule. Hence, CBT will be reset in all the available VM’s in the backup schedule.

Solution 2

If you wish to reset the CBT for a specific VM without disturbing CBT for other VM’s, then follow the below steps.

  1. Power off the VM.
  2. Right click the VM, click “Edit settings”, find the “Options” tab and click “Configuration Parameters”
  3. Set the “ctkEnabled” value to false.
  4. Set the “scsi0:x.ctkEnabled” value to false for each disk of the VM in question.
  5. Open the source folder and remove any -CTK.VMDK files.
  6. Power on the VM.
  7. Power off the VM again. This step is needed to update the CTK table.
  8. Power on the VM.
  9. Rerun Backup job.
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