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Published : Dec. 30, 2015
Created : Dec. 30, 2015
Last Modified : April 8, 2016


Restoring Specific emails from Disk Image Backup - Exchange Mail Level Recovery.


Please follow the below mentioned steps to perform Mail level recovery from Disk image backup:

Prerequisites :

Copy & paste the “ESE.dll” file from the respective Exchange Version and create a folder under the installation directory “<vembu bdr_home="">\bin\esecomponents\EX20XX”

eg : If you are going to perform the Mail level recovery for Exchange 2013, then you need copy exchange server 2013 “ESE.dll” file and place it under “EX2013” in the installation directory “<vembubdr_home>\bin\esecomponents”. Manually create the folder if it is not available.

You can also copy the dll file from the backed up data without exchange server installation.

Follow the steps to copy the data from Vembu BDR virtual drive:

Step 1: Mount the backup as a virtual drive and attach the VHD file like we mentioned earlier in this document.

Step 2: Copy the “ESE.dll” file available in the location “<attachec_virtaul_drive>/ <exchange_installation_location>/” bin to “<vembu bdr_installation_location=""> /bin/ esecomponents\EX20XX”

Follow the steps below to perform the Exchange Mail Recovery from EDB:

Step 1: Mount Vembu Virtual Drive and attach the VHD file through Disk management.

Step 2: Open Exchange Mail Recovery from EDB page and point the Exchange database (.edb ) file available in Attached VHD.

Step 3: Specify the Exchange server version and click open.

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