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Published : Dec. 28, 2015
Created : Dec. 28, 2015
Last Modified : April 8, 2016


VM restore fails with no error message in restore report.


Normally, a proper error message will be available in the restore report for VM restore failures and in some rare scenario if we can not get the exact error for the restore failure issues, go to backup storage location of the particular backup job and find log file in that location which will have reasons for restore failures. By default, the log file is located at <backup_location>\1\ClientName\BackupName\log\Backup_Name.log in the machine.

We can get the error from the log file and check it in the Vembu knowledge base. If the content is not available, kindly contact the technical support with the log file and we can help you in fixing the issue according to the details mentioned in the log file.

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