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Published : Dec. 21, 2015
Created : Dec. 21, 2015
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


Mounting a VHD file contained in a Virtual Drive via Windows Device Manager shows the device as unreadable. The disk will become ‘Unallocated’ and when the user tries to detach the disk, the error message “The device is not ready” or “The system cannot find the path specified” is displayed. This issue will happen if the Vembu BDR Server had restarted while this VHD was in a mounted state or if the VHD was unmounted manually from the Vembu BDR Server console when it was in a mounted state in the Windows Device Manager.


Reboot the BDR Server machine. This is technically not an issue with the BDR server’s backed up Virtual Drives. Windows Device Manager holds on to stale mount handles and prevents the same device from getting mounted successfully when remounted

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