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Published : Dec. 14, 2022
Created : Dec. 14, 2022
Last Modified : March 9, 2023

BDRSuite's Self-service Recovery option allows Google Workspace Organization users to directly restore their backup data from the BDRSuite web console using the Google account credentials. Users can view their backup information and recover their data when needed.

To enable self-service recovery, you need to first complete the necessary prerequisites to authenticate an end user to access Self-service Recovery.

Follow the steps below to enable Self-service Recovery for Google Workspace Organization Users:

Step 1: Add Organization and Enable the checkbox option "Enable Google Workspace users to initiate self-service recovery from BDRSuite"

  • Log in to the BDRSuite Server console.

  • Click on Microsoft 365/Google Workspace Tab: Navigate to Data Sources -> Add Google Workspace Organization page.

  • When adding an organization, enable the checkbox option - ‘Enable Google Workspace users to initiate self-service recovery from BDRSuite.’ and save the organization.

     Note: If you have already added the organization, you can edit the organization and enable this option.
  • Enter the Client ID, Client Secret and Self-Service Recovery URL, then save/update your organization details. Create Client ID and Client Secret - Refer step 2 for detailed steps.

  • Self-Service Recovery URL can consist of the domain name, host name or IP address. When entering the URL, use the following format;

    https://<BDRSuite Server Hostname/IPAddress.Domain name>:<Port>(or)https://<BDRSuite Server Hostname/IP address>.nip.io:<Port>.
  • Make sure you use the same URL you enter for the Redirect URI in Step 2: 4th Point

  • Make sure to enable an SSL certificate for BDRSuite, as HTTPS is used for signing into BDRSuite using Google Workspace account credentials. The default HTTPS port is 6061.

Step 2: Create OAuth Client ID and Client Secret

1: Sign in to the Google Cloud Console using administrative credentials

2: From the projects list, select a project or create a new one.

3: Create an OAuth Consent (Skip this step if OAuth Consent has already been created in the project).

  • 3.1: On the left panel, click API Services > OAuth Consent Screen.

  • 3.2: In the User type field, select the Internal option, and then click Create.

  • 3.3: Enter the app name and your user support email address.

  • 3.4: In the Developer Contact Information field, enter your email address and click the Save and Continue button.

4: Create Client Credentials.

  • 4.1: On the left panel, click Credentials.

  • 4.2: Click the "Create Credentials" option at the top, then click "OAuth client ID".

  • 4.3: Choose "Web Application" as the type of application and enter the name.

  • 4.4: In the Authorized Redirect URIs section, click the Add URI button. Enter the Redirect URI address using which the end-user will access BDRSuite Server for self-service recovery.

     Note: The redirect URI must end with a public top-level domain, such as .com or .org.

You can use any of the following (4.4.1 or 4.4.2):

4.4.1 (Recommended): Set a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the hostname of the machine where BDRSuite Backup Server is installed. Ensure that the FQDN name is resolved by the DNS server. Provide that hostname as the authorized redirect URI.


4.4.2: Add Authorized redirect URI as like in below format:

  https://<BDRSuite Server IP>.nip.io:6061 (OR) https://<BDRSuite Server IP>.sslip.io:6061

  Example :
  • 4.5: Finally, click the Create button. The Client ID and the Client Secret will be generated.

Step 3: Enable Self-service Recovery access for Google Workspace Users

    Note: Enabling user access can only be done by BDRSuite User with Admin Role (Full Access Privilege).
  1. Navigate to Backup Server Tile -> Users page.

  2. Click on the ‘Add User’ button which opens the Add User dialog box.

  3. Choose the option ‘Google Workspace User’.

  4. Select the Organization, select the User and then click ‘Add User’. By default, recovery access will be enabled for the added users.

    Note: Make sure to add all the users for whom you want to provide Self-service Recovery access.

Step 4: Sign into BDRSuite with Google Workspace Account Credentials

Once the user access is enabled, users can log in to BDRSuite Server using the following steps;

  1. Open the BDRSuite Server web console using the URL: <self-service recovery="" url="">/#/gws/enduser

     https://<BDRSuite Server Hostname/IPAddress.Domain name>:<Port> 
     https://<BDRSuite Server Hostname/IP address>.nip.io:<Port>/#/gws/enduser https://<BDR Server IP>.sslip.io:6061/#/gws/enduser
  2. User has to enter the Email Address and Password of their Google Workspace account and proceed with the Sign in.

  3. After successfully signing in, users will be redirected to the recovery page.

Step 5: Self-service Recovery from BDRSuite Server

Microsoft 365/Google Workspace Tab -> Recovery

Once users log in to the BDRSuite Server, users can view their individual backup information and recover their data.

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