KB ID : 310001
Published : July 15, 2022
Created : July 15, 2022
Last Modified : July 15, 2022


This error occurs because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Mailbox Service is not enabled for the Microsoft 365 User Microsoft 365

  2. User doesn’t belong to the Organization added to the BDRSuite

  3. Server Non-Supported Group Type


Cause 1:

  • Make sure Mailbox Service is enabled for the Users.
  • Users for which mailbox service is enabled will only be listed during backup configuration.

Cause 2:

The user might be a member of an external organization. Users of External Organization will not be listed for backup.

Cause 3:

Backups are not supported for the Groups that belong to any of the following group types - Security Groups, Distribution Groups, and Mail Enabled Security Groups. Hence these groups will not be listed on the BDRSuite Server.

If you still face issues with User/Group listing, please contact our support team through vembu-support@vembu.com

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