KB ID : 303004
Published : Dec. 27, 2021
Created : Dec. 27, 2021
Last Modified : Jan. 17, 2023


This error occurs when the backup server is unable to connect to the Microsoft 365 Organization due to any of the following reasons:

  1. Invalid Tenant ID, Application ID, and Secret Key
  2. The system clock might not have synchronized with internet time
  3. Invalid SSL Certificate file (.pfx) and it's Password (If Application Certificate is chosen)

    a. If Public key/Self Signed Certificate file is not uploaded to Azure AD


  1. Ensure that the credentials entered are valid and the API permissions requested in the Vembu BDR help document have been assigned correctly to the application.

  2. Ensure the system clock is in sync. If not, then synchronize the system clock with internet time.

  3. Ensure that the provided .pfx file and password is valid (If Application Certificate is chosen)

    • Ensure that a Public Key/Self Signed Certificate file has been uploaded to Azure AD. If not, follow the below steps
    • Sign in to the Azure Portal using your Microsoft 365 Organization admin account.
    • Search and locate the Azure Active Directory
    • Navigate to Registered Azure App for BDR server , Select Certificates & secrets
    • Click on Upload certificate and select the certificate file (.cer, .pem, .crt) to upload.
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