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Published : Dec. 17, 2015
Created : Dec. 17, 2015
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


Normally IT Administrators would use 1 or 2 TB volume for storage purpose while deploying Vembu BDR backup server on VMware VM by using Vembu BDR VMware Virtual Appliance. Later on, they may tend to expand the disk to handle more backup data.


You can follow below procedures to increase the storage space of the existing storage volume:

  1. Login to the Vembu BDR machine and stop Vembu BDR and MySQL and Mongo service.

    • /etc/init.d/mysql stop
    • /etc/init.d/mongo stop
    • /etc/init.d/vembubdr stop
  2. Power off the Vembu BDR Backup Server VM from VMware vSphere Client.

  3. Right click the VM and select “Edit Settings”

  4. Select the exact harddisk and increase the size of the provisioned storage as per your requirement

    NOTE: VMware vSphere allows users to Hot-Add the storage size upto 2 TB without power off the VM

  5. Save the configuration and Power on the VM.

  6. Login to the VM and open terminal.

  7. Switch to sudo user and run following below command to check whether the increased storage size updated properly.

    cat /prop/partition

  8. Then run the below command to resize the existing storage volume. Until you run this command, the increased storage will not be allocated to the mount point.

    resize2fs “{partition}”

    For Example,

    resize2fs /dev/sdb

    It will take time based on the used data.

  9. Once it is done, you can verify this by checking “df” command.

    df -a

  10. Then start Vembu BDR, MySQL and Mongo services.

    • /etc/init.d/mysql start

    • /etc/init.d/mongo start

    • /etc/init.d/vembubdr start

Now login and check Vembu BDR backup server user interface.

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