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Published : Dec. 15, 2015
Created : Dec. 15, 2015
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Migration of VembuBDR server from one machine to another machine for both physical and virtual environments.

Machine A – Old Backup Server machine.

Machine B – New Backup Server machine.


Process to be done in Machine A :

A1) Stop the VembuBDR and Mongo service.

A2) Copy the "VembuBDR-Home" location and especially "data","Plugin-data" and "conf" folder from it.[Example "C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuBDR "]

A3) Take MySQL Databases dump by executing the below in command prompt.Change the username and password according to your MySQL credentials in below command

mysqldump -u user_name -p --all-databases > sgdatabase.sql

For example: mysqldump -u root -p --all-databases > sgdatabase.sql

A4) For taking MongoDB dump,open CMD with administrator privileges then goto "Mongo-Home\bin" folder and execute the mongodump.exe.Once this execution completed a folder named “dump” will be created under "Mongo-Home\bin".

A5) Now copy the below mentioned items and maintain it collectively under, say folder named "VembuBDRServerRebuild"

  • "data","conf","Plugin-data" folder from "VembuBDR-Home" [Ex : C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuBDR]
  • Storage Data("sgstorage" Folder from the drives which has been configured as storage in VembuBDR server) [Ex : E:\sgstorage and H:\sgstorage since E:\ and H:\ has been configured as storage repository in VembuBDR]
  • MySQL dump - The file created with the name "sgdatabase.sql" in step A3
  • MongoDB dump - The folder created with the name "dump" in step A4

Process to be done in Machine B :

B1) Download BDR server installer from Vembu website.Make sure you install the same version of Vembu BDR that was running in Machine A. Run the installer with “Run as Administrator” option by right clicking the installer.

Note: After installation please do not start the following services - VembuBDR,MongoDB. If started please stop them.

B2) Import the MySQL, Mongo DBs by following below steps :

  • MySQL:

    mysql -u[user_name] -p[password] sgdatabase < sgdatabase.sql

    For Ex: mysql -uroot -padmin sgdatabase < sgdatabase.sql

    • MongoDB:

    In Mongo installation folder, find bin folder. Now, copy the “dump” folder and paste it in bin location.Start the mongo service.Now double click "mongorestore.exe" in bin folder

B3) Transfer the copied "data","plugin-data" and "conf" folder (done in step A5) and replace them in "VembuBDR-Home" location.

B4) Now copy the storage data( "sgstorage" folder) to the Machine-B storage location.If new storage location drive letter is same as old server(Eg "E" and "H" drive as mentioned in A5) then you can start the VembuBDR Service after ensuring all the information are correctly updated.

If the new location differs from old location (Like "E,H" drive in old and as "G" drive in new location) then kindly contact our support team as it requires our technician help.

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