KB ID : 22
Published : Dec. 12, 2015
Created : Dec. 12, 2015
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


Normally, this error message would occur if Vembu BDR server is unable to read or access the backup configuration file '*.sbc' available in Vembu BDR server for a particular backup when the backup is scheduled from Vembu VMBackup/NetworkBackup client machine. Whenever a backup job is scheduled from the client machine, the backup configuration of the same will be verified with Vembu BDR server before proceeding further. If the backup configuration details are mismatched or unreadable, then backup will be failed throwing the above mentioned error message.


To resolve this issue, please do the following steps.

  1. Stop Vembu BDR server
  2. Go to the particular backup configuration *.sbc file location '<server_backup_location>/1/<client_name>/<backup_name>/conf' in the Vembu BDR server
  3. Rename the file '<backup_name.sbc>' to '<backup_name-old.sbc>'
  4. Start the Vembu BDR server
  5. Now schedule the particular backup from the client machine
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