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Published : Dec. 5, 2018
Created : Dec. 5, 2018
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1) Issue in accessing Remote Registry of your target machine

2) Unable to Install VembuIntegrationService MSI as another MSI may be in progress

3) Target Network could have been disconnected during installation

4) Error while proceeding to install VembuIntegrationService with 42005 Port number

5) When VembuIntegrationService is already available in the target machine which might be installed by another BDR server (or) VMBackup client


Cause 1: Issue in accessing Remote Registry of your target machine

Since we are installing a Vembu Integration Service agent in your target machine [Remote], we need access to your remote registry:

1) Make sure RemoteRegistry is running in your target machine:

   Step 1: Go to Services.msc > check for “Remote Registry”
   Step 2: Start the service of Remote Registry if stopped.

2) Make sure no restrictions in access in Remote Registry:

   Step 1: Go to 'run' and type gpedit.msc, make sure local group policy editor window appears
   Step 2: Click Open User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System
   Step 3: Now double click Prevent Access To Registry Editing Tools setting -> Set it to “Not configured”-> Click OK

Steps to check for installation privilege setting:

   Step 1: Click  Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Installer
   Step 2: In the list in the right-hand window, scroll down until you find Turn off Windows Installer ->change setting to not configured and click “OK”
   Step 3: Click “prevent users from installing software on their systems” -> change setting to “Not configured “ and click “OK”

3) Check VIS agent availability in control panel Go to 'run' and type control panel Check for VembuIntegrationService agent

4) Check the port listing in the target machine by using the following steps:

   Go to 'run' and type cmd
   Execute the following command in command prompt:
          Netstat -ano | find “42005”

   If that port is in listening state, It will show “Listening” as a result
   If you still want to add that target host, then please change the port of that application [which uses 42005 port ] and try to re-add the target host from the BDR server
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