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Published : Dec. 4, 2018
Created : Dec. 4, 2018
Last Modified : Jan. 7, 2019


The error “Agent version is incompatible with BDR server” occurs when the BDR server is migrated from lower versions and the Vembu Integration Service in the added Microsoft windows host\workstation is of the lower version when compared with the server ( BDR version > Vembu integration service)

  • This error may occur when the added host is unreachable during BDR server upgradation.


  • In case of Microsoft Windows server, check whether the added host is reachable and if it is reachable, try restarting the Vembu BDR service from services.msc.

  • In the case of Desktop OS, download the Vembu integration service from below link and run the Vembu Integration Service installer in the target host (added desktop host)

Click here to Download VIS installer

  • After upgrading the Vembu Integration Service to v4.0.0 in the target machine, try synchronizing the added host using sync button which is available in the BDR server [Go to backup -> Microsoft Windows -> Manage Microsoft windows host]
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