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Published : Nov. 30, 2018
Created : Nov. 30, 2018
Last Modified : Nov. 16, 2022


This problem arises when BDRSuite Backup Server\BDRSuite Backup Client cannot access the target machine’s admin$ access.

It is universal share path usually required to copy the Vembu Installation Service installer on to your target machine.


You can confirm UNC validation by verifying the admin$ share access manually from the Machine where “BDRSuite Backup Server" or "BDRSuite Backup Client" had been installed.

Open 'run' and type the following: \IP\admin$

In place of IP provide the “Hostname\IP“ of the target machine:

 **Example:** \\\admin$

When proceeded further and you don’t see any network connectivity issue it confirms UNC validation is a success.

If you face any network connectivity issue, below are the steps to troubleshoot:

Case 1: Make sure your firewall does not block following remote connections, if so please add the below rule into your Inbound firewall rules in your target machine

Step 1: Open control panel

Step 2: Navigate to System and Security > Windows Firewall > Advanced Setting

Step 3: In Windows firewall with advanced security, click Inbound rules

Step 4: Inbound rules > click new rule and proceed to opt for Predefined option

Step 5: In predefined drop-down > select “Remote Service Management “ rule and proceed with the default option to enable it and click finish.

Case 2: Make sure Following services are running in your target machine

  • Server Service

  • Windows Remote Management (WS -management)

Once Case 1 and Case 2 are verified, try UNC access again as mentioned above from your Server/Client machine in order to confirm successful UNC validation.

Case 3: Another MSI running in the target host

Agent installation to the target host is done using MSI. If another MSI installation is in progress in the target machine, then Windows itself will restrict simultaneous installation.

You can confirm this by performing the following steps:

Step 1: Open Task Manager in your target Windows machine.

Step 2: Click ‘More details’ which is present at the bottom left corner of the task manager console.

Step 3: Switch over to the ‘Details’ tab.

Step 4: Under this tab search for ‘msiexec.exe’ under the name column.

Step 5: If such a name exists, it indicates that another MSI installation is in progress.

In such a case, you can wait until the MSI installation gets over and then try adding the host from the BDR Backup Server\Vembu BDR Client.

Case 4: Adding target host details in hosts file

In BDR Machine, go to File location "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\" open the hosts file. Add the Target machine ip & name as below

TargetHostIP: Machine_Name: WIN-1RTHP4TMV3B

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