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Published : Nov. 30, 2018
Created : Nov. 30, 2018
Last Modified : Nov. 30, 2018


When target host has VembuintegrationService agent already been installed by some other Vembu BDR Server\Vembu VMBackup Client.


You can check Vembu Integration Service has been installed in the target by below-following ways:

  • Control panel >VembuIntegrationService
  • Services.msc > VembuIntegrationService

Check whether Vembu Integration Service is already available in the target machine:

  • If yes and you would like to continue to use existing Vembu Integration Service added using different Vembu BDR Server\Vembu VMBackup Client then try proceeding with it.

  • If not then you can remove it from the added server\client where Vembu Integration Service has actually been pushed from and then proceed to add VIS from the new Vembu BDR Server\Vembu VMBackup Client.

Else you can uninstall the Vembu Integration Service agent manually from the control panel then proceed to add it to the desired Vembu BDR\ Vembu VMBackup client as fresh.

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