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Published : Dec. 5, 2018
Created : Dec. 5, 2018
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The above alert is thrown while logging in from the console of Vembu BDR/Vembu OffsiteDR if there exists an issue in PostgreSQL connectivity. It will be shown in the following cases:

  • First login post fresh installation.
  • Logging in an existing Server.
  • First login post upgrade from an older version to new version.
  • When the client connection exceeds the limit, it will exit the VembuPostgreSQL causing login failure.


For Fresh installation and upgrade:

In this case, the issue may be due to improper installation of ODBC driver while installing PostgreSQL. To check this,

  1. Go to Start and Search for ‘ODBC Data Sources’ and open it.
  2. Select the SystemDSN tab and click on PostGreDBConnection.
  3. Now select configure and check for the following:
    • DataSource: PostGreDBConnection
    • Database: SGDatabase
    • Server: localhost
    • Username: postgres
    • Port : 32010(or the port specified during installation)
    • Password: admin(type admin in the tab given)
  4. After checking for the all the above parameters, click Test. If the result is a success then the issue is rectified.
  5. If the result is shown as failed, then go to "C:/Program Files/Vembu/VembuBDR/conf” and open SGConfiguration.conf in any text editor. Search for ODBC and verify with the Database name, username, and password as it was mentioned in ODBC Datasource connection.
  6. If the SGConfiguration.conf file is edited and saved, restart of VembuBDR service from services.msc is required.
  7. If the datasource name is not listed, then re-installation of Server is required(this is due to intermediate failure of PostgreSQL installation in rare cases).

For existing server case:

For this case, the issue might occur if PostgreSQL is stopped or if it has reached the maximum number of sockets. To rectify this:

  • Restart PostgreSQL services from services.msc
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