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Published : Nov. 30, 2018
Created : Nov. 30, 2018
Last Modified : June 7, 2023


When the service of BDRSuite Backup Server/BDRSuite Client does not have administrator privilege then the above alert occurs.

Administrator privilege is required for service logon in order to install BDRSuite Delegation Service (BDS) for Hyper-V backup and BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) for Disk Image and Files & Folders Backup on your target machine.


Make sure the service of BDRSuite Backup Server (or) BDRSuite Client for VMware/Hyper-V/Windows are running with either one of the following privileges.

  • Administrator
  • User having administrator privilege

Steps to add the Service logon on your Server / Client machine:

Step 1: Go to 'Run' and type “Services.msc”

Step 2: On the Services page check for "BDRSuite Backup Server for Virtual Physical Workloads" service accordingly from where BDS/BBA push is about to take place.

Step 3: Right-click on the concerned service and select Properties and then navigate to the “Logon” tab.

image description

Step 4: Here provide your administrator credential details in “This Account” section.

image description

Step 5: Once user account details are updated, proceed by giving “Apply” and then “OK”

Step 6: Restart the respective service for the changes to apply

Note: In case you face any issue during service restart, then please recheck the user credentials provided during the logon update

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