KB ID : 116005
Published : Dec. 4, 2018
Created : Dec. 4, 2018
Last Modified : Aug. 23, 2021


The error “Connection could not be established to the host“ usually occurs due to the following reasons:

1) When the entered IP address of the target machine is not correct.

2) When the target host is unreachable.

3) When the Vembu Integration Service in the target host is unavailable.

4) When the Vembu Integration Service in the added target host is not running.


In order to overcome this error, please try the below steps:

1) Check whether the added host is reachable.

2) Check the availability of the VembuIntegrationService (VIS)

  • Navigate to Control Panel in the targeted Windows host
  • In the control panel select the Programs option and select the Programs and Features
  • Check for VembuIntegrationService (VIS) agent

3) Check whether VembuIntegartionService is running in the target host:

For this go to 'Run' and type services.msc -> check for VembuIntegrationService:

  • If service is stopped (idle state) then start it manually
  • If the service is disabled then, right-click the VembuIntegrationService and select Properties -> change the Startup type from disabled to automatic.

4) Check whether the 42005 port which is used by VembuIntegrationService (VIS) is blocked in the target host.

For this navigate to Control Panel in the host -> select System and Security feature -> select Windows Firewall in it:

  • Click Advanced settings option -> and select the Inbound Rules
  • Check VembuIntegrationServicePort rule is enabled or not [42005]

    a) If it is disabled/blocked then enable the port connection by following the below steps:

    • Right-click on VembuIntegrationServicePort and choose Properties and select "Allow the connection"

    b) If there is no 42005 port then add it manually in the firewall by following the steps below:

    • Click on New Rule to add a new one -> select Port and click 'Next'
    • Choose the TCP port -> and select Specific local ports option and enter “42005” and click next
    • Select Allow the connection and click 'Next'
    • Select the checkboxes to apply rule as Domain, Private and Public then click 'Next'
    • Enter the name as “VembuIntegrationService.exe” and click 'Finish' to add this rule to the firewall
    • Go to Inbound Rules again to check whether the new rule is added to the firewall or not.
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