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Published : Dec. 12, 2022
Created : Dec. 12, 2022
Last Modified : May 2, 2023

Add Backup Proxy for VMware through the option: Download and Manually Install BBP in the target host

BDRSuite Backup Proxy (BBP) runs with the service name - BDRSuite Delegation Service (BDS) is a necessary backup proxy component that need to be installed on the target host for backup operations.

You will have two options to install BBP on the target Windows host that you plan to use as backup proxy for VMware. You can automatically Install BBP in the target host through backup server (or) You can download and manually install BBP in the target host.

The steps below are applicable in the following cases:

  1. If you add the Backup Proxy for VMware using the option: I will manually Download BBP and install it on the target host

  2. If adding the Backup proxy for VMware has failed through the option: Automatically Install BBP in the target host.

Step 1: Under the main Tab: Data Center & Private Cloud, navigate to the menu: Data Sources -> Add VMware vSphere-> Backup Proxy for VMware

Step 2: Enter the target host details and save to the BDRSuite Backup Server.

Step 3: Download and install BDRSuite Backup Proxy (BBP) on the target host, which runs as a service with the name BDRSuiteDelegationService.

Steps to Download and Install BBP on Windows Host

  • Download and Run the BBP Installer as administrator and click ‘Next’.

  • On the next screen, Read & accept the License Agreement.

  • Then, enter a unique BDR ID for the BBP to be installed and proceed next. This will be used to identify the Windows host that will be used as backup proxy by the backup server.

  • On the final screen, review the installation settings, Click ‘Install’, and proceed with the installation.

Steps to Download and Install BBP on Linux Host

  • Log in as a Root User to install BDRSuite Backup Proxy (BBP) on the target Linux Host.

  • Copy the BBP installer link. Use the command below to download BBP (runs with service BDRSuite Delegation Service) on the target Linux Host.

    wget <Enter the BBP installer link>
  • BBP Installer will be downloaded as a Zip file. Unzip the installer to extract the bin file using the command below.

Debian Linux:

     unzip BDRSuite_Delegation_Service_5_6_0_1_U1_DBN.zip

Red Hat Linux:

     unzip BDRSuite_Delegation_Service_5_6_0_1_U1_RH.zip
  • Execute the bin file using the command below and begin the installation:

Debian Linux:


Red Hat Linux:


Step 4: Click the 'Register Backup Proxy' button alongside the added host under the 'Data Sources' menu. This will establish connection between the target host and the backup server.

Step 5: You can configure & use backup proxies for VMware backups that have successfully connected and registered with the backup server.

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