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Published : June 22, 2022
Created : June 22, 2022
Last Modified : May 2, 2023

BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) runs with the service name - BDRSuite Delegation Service (BDS) is a mandatory component for backup operations and is installed on the target host (Windows/Linux).

When adding Hosts (Windows/Linux) to the BDRSuite Server/Client, you will have two options to install BBA. You can automatically Install BBA in the target host through Server/Client (or) You can download and manually install BBA in the target host.

The steps below are applicable in the following cases:

  1. If you add the Windows/Linux host using the option: I will manually Download BBA and install it on the target host

  2. If adding the Windows/Linux host has failed through the option: Automatically Install BBA in the target host.

Steps to Add Windows/Linux Host using the option: Download and Manually Install BBA on the target host:

Step 1: Under the main Tab: VMware/Hyper-V/Windows/Linux, navigate to the menu: Data Sources -> Add Microsoft Windows (or) Data Sources -> Add Linux.

Step 2: Enter the target Windows/Linux Host details and save to the BDRSuite Server/Client.

Step 3: Download and install BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) on the target host, which runs as a Service with the name BDRSuite Delegation Service.

Steps to Download and Install BBA on Windows Host

  • Download and Run the BBA installer as Administrator and click ‘Next’.
  • On the next screen, Read & accept the License Agreement.
  • Then, enter a unique BDR ID for the BBA to be installed and proceed next. This will be used to identify the Windows host by the backup server.
  • On the final screen, review the installation settings, Click ‘Install’, and proceed with the installation.

Steps to Download and Install BBA on Linux Host

  • Log in as a Root User to install BDRSuite Backup Agent (BBA) on the target Linux Host.
  • Copy the BBA installer link. Use the command below to download BBA (runs with service BDRSuite Delegation Service) on the target Linux Host.

    wget <Enter the BBA installer link>
  • BBA Installer will be downloaded as a Zip file. Unzip the installer to extract the bin file using the command below.

Debian Linux:

 unzip BDRSuite_Delegation_Service_5_6_0_1_U1_DBN.zip

Red Hat Linux:

 unzip BDRSuite_Delegation_Service_5_6_0_1_U1_RH.zip
  • Execute the bin file using the command below and begin the installation:

Debian Linux:


Red Hat Linux:


Step 4: Click the 'Register BBA' button alongside the added host under the 'Data Sources' menu. This will establish connection between the target host and the BDRSuite Server/Client.

Step 5: You can configure backups for Windows/Linux Hosts that have successfully connected and registered with the BDRSuite Server/Client.

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