KB ID : 115131
Published : Feb. 11, 2022
Created : Feb. 11, 2022
Last Modified : Feb. 11, 2022

Follow the below steps to delete the credential entry from your Windows BDR Backup server,

1) Download the BDRSuite_Delete_Credential.zip from the link below and extract it.


2) You can find the BDRSuite_Delete_Credential.bat file in the extracted location. Copy it to the 'Vembu' folder in the BDR Backup server installation location.

For example, if you have installed the BDR Server in your 'C' drive you can find the Vembu folder at 'C:\Program Files\".

3) Execute the BDRSuite_Delete_Credential.bat as administrator.

4) A command prompt and ask for the credential name. Provide the 'Credential Name' you wish to remove from the BDR Backup Server and press enter. The 'Credential Name' is case-sensitive, kindly provide the same credential name as you have added in your BDR Backup Server.

5) A confirmation appears in the command window if the entered credential is not associated with any of the hosts. Type 'Y' and press enter to delete the credential. You may not able to delete the credential if it is associated with any of the added hosts. Deleting an active credential will cause backups to fail.

6) If the credential name is active, you will get the hostname in the status.txt file

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