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Published : March 16, 2020
Created : March 16, 2020
Last Modified : March 16, 2020


VembuBDR service will be stopped while changing the Vembu BDR-ID. Once Vembu BDR-ID is updated, start the service to save the changes. In a normal scenario, VembuBDR service will be restarted automatically within 30 seconds by the Vembu Server Tray (can be found in the notification section of Windows Desktop Taskbar).

If the Vembu Server Tray doesn't auto-start the service, then you have to manually restart the service.


Steps to manually restart the VembuBDR service for Windows

  • Click on Start (Windows button)

  • Open Run and type services.msc

  • In Services > search VembuBDR service

  • Click on Restart for VembuBDR service to start again

Steps to manually restart the VembuBDR service for Linux

  • Open the Terminal with admin privilege

  • Navigate to the Vembu BDR installation location

  • Execute the following command: vembubdr/Vembu/VembuBDR sh startVembuBDR.sh

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