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Published : Dec. 26, 2019
Created : Dec. 26, 2019
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To add a new username & password for Vembu Client Agents.

The default username and password for the Vembu Client Agent web console is “admin” and “admin” respectively. We can also customize the username & password by choosing the custom option during Client Agent installation. In case if the custom username\password is forgotten, follow manual steps provided below to create new credentials.

To create a new username & password, please follow the below steps:

1) Stop the respective Vembu Client agent application from Services.msc.

2) Then open the command prompt and navigate to the respective Vembu Client agent installation location <vembuclientagent_home>

Example: <C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuVMBackup>

3) Access the client agent database using the command below

       <Vembuclientagent_Home>lib\sqlite\sqlite3.exe data\sgclient.db

Accessing client agent database

4) Insert an additional user to the database using the below query:

    insert into SG_USER values (10,1,'vembu','21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3');

where "vembu" is the username, replace it with your preferred username, and '21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3' is the encrypted password (the value given here is the hardcoded password "admin")

Note: Please note that in the above command the first parameter('10') and the third parameter('vembu') should be unique. Hence, if you already have a record in the sg_user table with the same values then you will receive an error message 'Duplicate entry ....'. Hence, before executing the above command, please execute the following command to check if a record already exists with the same values:

        select * from SG_USER;

If a record exists then you need to specify different values for the first and third parameter.

5) After inserting an additional user in the SGUSER table, we should update the 'SGGROUP_USER' table. Execute the following query to insert additional user

        insert into SG_GROUP_USER values(10,1,1,1);

Please note that in the above command the first parameter('10') should be same as we specified in SG_USER table and other three parameters should be by default set to '1';

6) Start the Vembu Client agent service from the services.msc

7) Now you can log in to the Vembu client agent web console using username "vembu" and password "admin" .

8) After logging in to the Vembu web console, you can change the password to the desired value by navigating to Settings --> Users.

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