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Published : Sept. 13, 2019
Created : Sept. 13, 2019
Last Modified : Sept. 17, 2019


The default trial period is 30 days for a newly installed backup server. Once the trial period expires, then the backups in the server will fail with the error:

Backup failed. Your trial period has expired. To resume backups, purchase required licenses from your portal account.


Step 1: Register Vembu BDR Server with Vembu Portal (skip to Step 2 if you have already registered your server)

To register your server with Vembu Portal, log in to your Vembu BDR Server console and follow the given steps:

  • Go to Management tab, click on License

  • Click Register and you will be prompted to enter your Portal account ID and password

    i) If you already have created a Portal Account, enter the credentials and click Register

    ii) If you do not have a Portal account, click on Sign Up to create an account, then proceed with the registration

Register your trial version

Vembu BDR Server is now registered with your Vembu Portal account. To purchase and apply licenses, proceed with Step 2.

Step 2: Purchasing required licenses

Log in to your Portal Account and follow the given steps to buy a license:

  • Under the Buy tab, click on the Subscription License

  • Select the product, duration and the number of licenses you want to purchase

  • Make the payment with your added credit card or portal credits

  • Go to the License > Apply License and assign the licenses to your backup jobs

After applying the licenses, go to Vembu BDR Server and navigate to Management > License and click on Run License Check for the applied licenses to be immediately reflected in your server.

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