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Published : May 22, 2019
Created : May 22, 2019
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During Live Recovery to Hyper-V host, test connectivity may fail with the error “Vembu Integration Service is not running in the remote host. Make sure it is running and proceed with the restore” due to the following reasons:

1) When Vembu Integration Service is disabled\stopped in the target host.

2) When the port [42005] used by Vembu Integration Service is blocked in Windows firewall.


In order to overcome this error, follow the below steps:

Cause 1:

Check whether VembuIntegrationService is running in the target host. For this, go-to:

               'run' and type services.msc → check for VembuIntegrationService
  • If the service is in the stopped state then start it manually
  • If the service is disabled then, right-click the VembuIntegrationService and select properties → change the startup type from disabled to automatic.

Cause 2:

Check whether 42005 port which is used by Vembu Integration Service is blocked. For this, go-to:

               control panel → system and security → select Windows firewall
  • Click Advanced settings → and go to Inbound rules
  • Check VIS agent port rule is enabled or not [42005]

If it is blocked state then allow the connection by using the steps below:

  • Right-click and choose properties and select allow the connection

If there is no 42005 port then add it manually in the firewall by using below steps:

  • Click add new rule → select port and click next
  • Select TCP port → and select specific local ports on that enter “42005” and click next
  • Select allow the connection and click next
  • Select rule apply as both Domain, private and public and click next
  • Enter the name as “VembuIntegrationService.exe” and click finish to add this rule to the firewall
  • Go to Inbound rules again to check whether the new rule is added to the firewall or not
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