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Published : May 14, 2019
Created : May 14, 2019
Last Modified : May 14, 2019


When a user wants to update new IP Address of Backup Server in the Vembu Client, there is no option to update it in the client console for those already configured jobs.


Follow the below steps in order to update the new IP address of Backup Server for those already configured jobs in Vembu Client.

Step 1: Stop the Vembu Services in your Client machine (Vembu ImageBackup\ Vembu VMBackup\ Vembu NetworkBackup Service) from "Services.msc".

Step 2: Open a Command prompt in your Client machine and navigate to Vembu ImageBackup\ VMBackup\ NetworkBackupClient installation location and then execute the following command to change the backup server IP for your Vembu Clients,

bin\VembuBackupClient.exe MigrateServerName <old_server_name ip=""> <new_server_name ip=""> <backup_name>


cd \"Program Files\Vembu\VembuImageBackup\"

bin\VembuImageBackup.exe MigrateServerName imgbkup1 imgbkup2

Note: In the above commands, for the <new_server_name ip="">, you can use HostName also instead of IP Address.

Step 3: Start the Vembu ImageBackup\ Vembu VMBackup\ Vembu NetworkBackup Services from "Services.msc"

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