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Published : May 14, 2019
Created : May 14, 2019
Last Modified : May 14, 2019


Backup jobs will show the above error if either the backup data size is huge or network connectivity is unstable.


To resolve this issue, please follow the steps given below:

1) Confirm whether the client machine is able to connect to the backup server on 32004 port by executing 'telnet < Server IP Address > 32004' command in the Vembu client system from the command prompt. If the telnet command doesn't work, then check your firewall configuration on the Vembu server machine to open up the port 32004.

Note: If the port 32004 is in the LISTEN state and telnet command fails, please make sure the port 32004 is open on the server network's NAT/Firewall configuration.

2) Also, please confirm that both the client machine and the Backup server are configured with the same backup port (by default, the port should be 32004). You can verify this by checking the "<vembu home="">/conf/SGConfiguration.conf" file.

3) Also, please check the client, backup server connectivity by running the following commands,

   - Run "ping <server IP address>" command.

   - Run "telnet <server IP address> 32004" command.

If the above command works then the backup should work.

4) If the issue occurs even after following the above steps, then try to add the backup server's IP address in the 'C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts' file in the Vembu client machine for windows or /etc/hosts file in Linux.

5) Once you are done with the above steps, please do make the below changes in the Vembu Backup Server as well as the Client Machine.

   - Go to the Vembu installation location >> Conf >> SGConfiguration.conf

   - Reduce the 'KeepAliveTime' attribute (which is near '<Configuration><Module StartModule') from 60 to 30.

   - Increase the 'FileAck' and 'BackupAck' attribute value from 120 to 600 secs under the '<SGTimeOutConfig>' tag.

   - Increase the attribute value for <ServerReconnectTimeOut> to 3600 and <ClientReconnectTimeOut> to 1800.

   - After you are done with the above changes, restart the Vembu services."

Even after following the above steps, if the issue still persists, then contact vembu-support@vembu.com

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