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Published : Feb. 28, 2019
Created : Feb. 28, 2019
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To perform complete uninstallation of Vembu BDR \ Vembu OffsiteDR from the machine.

Steps to be followed to uninstall Vembu BDR \ Vembu OffsiteDR:

For Windows:

  • Make sure Vembu Server is stopped from the services.
  • Proceed to uninstall Vembu Server by going through “Control Panel → Programs and Features” in the machine.
  • After uninstallation, check for server related entries in installation location, services, and regedit.
  • If any server entries present in the installation location, then delete the installation folder <vembubdr (or)="" vembuoffistedr=""> from the location.
  • Check for Server related entries under Services and delete (if any present) using the following command in command prompt:

      sc delete servicename

Example: sc delete VembuBDR (or) sc delete VembuOffsiteDR

  • In regedit (navigating to run and then type Regedit), remove the server(VembuBDR \ VembuOffsiteDR) related entries and then rename/remove the BDRRestart folder from the following location:

      "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> Services >> BDRRestart"
  • Rename the folder name “sgstorage” present in the storage location.

  • Once all the above steps are done, kindly restart the server(VembuBDR / VembuOffsiteDR) installed machine and proceed with the fresh installation, if required.

For Linux:

  • You can uninstall Vembu server by executing the command "sh uninstall.sh" from the installation location in terminal.
  • After uninstallation, delete the installation folder <vembubdr \="" vembuoffsitedr=""> from the installation location.
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