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Published : Nov. 30, 2018
Created : Nov. 30, 2018
Last Modified : Nov. 30, 2018


This alert usually throws when BDR server unable to contact the agent in the target Hyper-V server. The possible reasons could be as follows:

  • If the target Hyper-V server is not reachable or powered off
  • If VembuIntegrationService is not present in the target Hyper-V server
  • If VembuIntegrationService is not running in target Hyper-V server


  • Check the target Hyper-V host is reachable or not.
  • Ensure whether VembuIntegrationService installed in target Hyper-V server if not, you can add the Hyper-V host in VembuBDR server.
    • Go to Backup -> Microsoft Hyper-V -> Add Hyper-V Server.
  • Check the VembuIntegrationService status in the target Hyper-V Server. If it is not running, start the VembuIntegrationService.
    • Go to Win + Run -> Services.msc
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